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Providing Professional Lawn Top Dressing

The most prestigious golf courses in America are constantly sanding or “top dressing” their putting greens. This is one of the many secrets of helping to make the most healthy and pristine turf. If you are looking to create that golf course look for your lawn, then having your turf sanded is highly recommended.

Topdressing helps with water retention, helps reduce traffic stress, adds organic matter to your soil, helps prevent lawn diseases, and changes the soil structure of your lawn to create a healthier and thicker turf.

First, we scalp the lawn with a reel mower. This is the same type mower that is used on putting greens and gets the turf very low and tight.

We then perform a Core Aeration of the lawn which helps penetrate the top dressing material deep into the soil which creates a stronger root system. Next, we add a special fertilizer mix that will green the turf up and enhance its overall health.

Next we carefully spread our specialized golf course mix sand evenly throughout the lawn.

Lastly, we rake the lawn making sure the sand is spread evenly and all bumps and divots are smoothed out.

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