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Installing sod is my favorite landscaping project. The reason is simple, immediately when we are finished installing your farm fresh sod you have a perfect new lush, healthy, green, beautiful new lawn!

Before ordering sod, it is essential to select the correct type of turf for your property. There are three main types of turf commonly installed in Northeast Georgia; bermuda, zoysia, and fescue.

Bermuda, a warm season turf is by far the most common turf in metro Atlanta. The main benefit of bermuda is it is very drought tolerant. 90 degree summer days are no problem for bermuda. However, bermuda does need a lot of sunlight. Typically 7 hours or more of sunlight is necessary for bermuda to remain healthy.

If there is less sunlight than that, the bermuda gets stressed and in many cases it dies. That is why it is important to ONLY select bermuda if you know your property gets enough sunlight. Bermuda grows from early spring until late fall then goes dormant for the the winter months.

Zoysia, is another warm season turf, and is by far my favorite. Zoysia is a little bit darker green than bermuda and aesthetically it looks like a much more lush beautiful lawn. Zoysia only needs 5 hours of sunlight or more. Zoysia also is a little bit thicker of a blade and “hearty” which helps keep weeds out. Similar to bermuda, zoysia grows from early spring to late fall and then goes dormant throughout the winter.

Fescue, is a cool season turf. Since fescue is a cool season grass it does stay green throughout the fall, winter, and spring. This creates a beautiful dark green look throughout most of the year. However, fescue can be problematic in Georgia. Fescue has a long history of getting affected by fungus and when temperatures hit the upper 80s and higher the fescue can go dormant and lose its green color. Fescue is recommended in shadier areas that remain as cool as possible. Although fescue has the potential to look beautiful for the majority of the year, it is important to have an extensive weed control plan to maintain the health of the fescue.

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