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Professional Pine Straw and Mulch Installation

Having pine straw or mulch installed in your garden bed serves two purposes. First and foremost it is a good weed preventer. The science is that it partially blocks the sunlight from directly touching the soil in your garden beds. This helps prevent future weeds from germinating. Second, is for the looks. Fresh pine straw or mulch in your garden beds helps to create a clean and well manicured look.

Pine Straw is a staple for decorative ground cover in Georgia. This is probably inspired by the beautiful showcase of natural pine straw at the Augusta National Golf Club which annually hosts the Masters Golf Tournament in April.

When we install pine straw at Jamison Management Group we go above and beyond making sure the installation is done right. First, we will trench out all the borders, this creates a clear and defined edge around each garden bed. Then we will carefully spread the pine straw, making sure it is under the bushes and appropriately and thoroughly installed. Lastly, our team will use a blower and shovel to define the edge even more making sure it has a puffy edge.

Mulch is another popular decorative ground cover. Just like when we install pine straw, our mulch installations are done with great detail. Our team will perfectly trench out all the garden beds making sure you have a perfect edge. We will then thoroughly spread the mulch and completely clean up after the job.

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